How to Get Married Quickly at Millbrook

No romance or luxury spared, just less stress!

Published on Tuesday 15th November 2022

Get Married Quickly
Looking to get married quickly, but not sure about the steps involved? Fed up with the stress, family politics and spiralling costs? We have broken the process down into 4 simple steps, along with extra advice for getting married quickly!

Forget about stressful months of wedding planning and sleepless nights wondering if you have remembered everything, and instead, elope to Millbrook and be married as quickly as within 30 days!

Step 1 - Book your venue

You will need to have a licensed venue booked for your wedding day before you can begin with the legalities.

Here at Millbrook, we are licensed for you to hold your ceremony in our gorgeous Summer House in front of the roaring log fire, or why not step outside into our beautiful gardens, or under the arms of the ancient oak tree? If you wish, you could even venture down to the lake for a ceremony by the glistening water.

Get Married Quickly
Step 2 - Book the Devon registrars

You will need to book the Devon registrars who will come to Millbrook on your wedding day to perform your ceremony.

Here at Millbrook, we like to make everything easy and stress-free for you and will provide you with a booking link for the registrars. Your ceremony time is completely up to you! We recommend you budget £450-£500 for the registrars, and a £50 deposit will be required when booking.

All ceremonies at Millbrook are truly unique as the registrars will adapt and change their ceremony depending on the couple and make it personal to you and the surroundings. It is always a pleasure to be asked to be a witness for a Millbrook ceremony, and I can honestly say that I have never seen any 2 ceremonies the same!

Get Married Quick
Step 3 - Booking your appointment to give notice

You will need to contact your local registration office to book an appointment to give notice. This appointment needs to have taken place at least 29 days before your ceremony, and within 12 months of your ceremony. It will cost approximately £35 per person to give notice.

When attending your appointment, you will need to bring the following documents:

• Confirmation from your wedding venue
• A valid passport
• Proof of your home address
• Proof of any name changes
• A decree absolute or final order or former partner's death certificate (if you have been married before).

Your registration office will confirm all the documents you will need prior to your appointment. For more information, check out

Get Married Quickly Private Dining
Step 4 - Booking any extras for your special day

If you would like to add on any extras for your wedding day at Millbrook, such as a photographer to capture those special moments or afternoon tea to enjoy after your ceremony, then we have you covered! Take a look through our list of trusted and talented suppliers and make contact with those that you would like to book! This is your wedding, your way! If you decide you are going to head off to the beach for fish and chips after your ceremony, then that sounds great too!

It is as simple as that! No stress, no hassle and you could be married as quickly as 30 days! Your
Millbrook coordinator will meet you on your wedding day and ensure you are in the right place at the right time, and all you have to do is relax, enjoy and create some amazing memories! Simply give us a cal on 01769 629069 or drop us an email

Getting Married Quickly

Frequently asked questions

Do I need to provide witnesses? Your ceremony requires 2 witnesses, who are above 16 years of age. Millbrook would love to be your witness for your special day, at no extra cost.

Do I need to write my own vows? This is completely up to you! If you have some personal words you would like to say to each other during your ceremony, then this sounds like a lovely idea.

When will I receive my marriage certificate? This will arrive at your home address via post within 7 days of your ceremony.

How will I know where to be on my wedding day? You will have a Millbrook coordinator who will be your point of contact and will meet you on your wedding day. They will ensure you are in the right place, at the right time.

Do I meet the Devon registrars before my wedding day? No. The registrars will arrive 30 minutes prior to your ceremony and will come and introduce themselves to you both and talk you through your ceremony, so as you know what to expect. They are lovely and will talk you through each step, so nothing to worry about!

Can I play music during my ceremony? A song can be played for your entrance music, and when you are signing the schedule.

Can I include a religious reading in my ceremony? No. By law, no religious references are allowed during your ceremony.

Wedding tips and tricks

A month is plenty of time to create your perfect wedding day! Here are a couple of useful tips we have discovered at Millbrook!

❤️ Create your own wedding traditions! Enjoy your entrance walk together, or with your 4-pawed friend! Shot a shot of whiskey as your toast drink! Feast on a BBQ instead of the traditional wedding breakfast.

❤️ Don’t seek approval from others! In fact, why not keep it a secret until after your special day, so that you can stay in your own romantic bubble for your wedding!

❤️ Be yourself! If you want to say ‘I Do’ in your comfiest pair of jeans, or your favourite evening dress, or in your wellies and woolly hat in the woods, then do it! This is your day!

❤️ Think outside the box! You don’t have to exchange rings if you do not want. We’ve witnessed watches being exchanged, and ring tattoos too!

❤️ A checklist is always helpful! But don’t worry, we already have you covered. Check out our Millbrook Elopement Wedding Checklist!

❤️ Sticking to a tight budget? No need to panic. Millbrook elopement packages give you the freedom to add on extras if you wish too, so you can plan around your budget.