Dog Friendly Wedding Venue

Enjoy your wedding day with your waggy tailed best friend! At Millbrook we love animals and we welcome two doggies in our Wheel Room and one doggy in our Lakeview. Millbrook is a dog's heaven with 32 acres of woods, lawns and lakes (not forgetting 15 acres of meadows for dogs to run off lead) Why not bring your four-pawed friend with you for your special day? Looking for more guests? Why not have a look at our Tree Top Escape for a Dog Friendly wedding venue

Dog Friendly Weddings


A stay in our Wheel Room or Lakeview (price varies depending on accommodation and length of stay)
Wedding on the day of your choice in the summerhouse
We would love to be witnesses (if required)
A bottle of Champagne (or non alcoholic fizz)
Your dog(s) is/are welcome at your wedding ceremony free of charge.

If you would like to share your day with close family and friends - you can bring up to 4 guests (£50 each including a glass of Champagne).

Dog Friendly Weddings


Each wedding at Millbrook is unique and we have lots of ideas to inspire you to make your day incredibly personal and memorable.

We recommend a photographer to capture the perfect memories of your special day. Special Runaway Packages are available from one of our Millbrook Photographers.
Local doggy day care is available for any day of your stay, please contact Whitebridge Kennels on 01769 561094 (we send our doggies there!)
Why not organise a Cream / High Tea or even canapes after your ceremony. Private dining can also be arranged (with doggy included and a special VID menu available) or many one of many local award winning eateries.
Have a look at our other local suppliers including a horse and cart, flowers (Why not treat your dog for a special flower collar for your special day?) and more.

Prices start from £1199*

*£1199 is our winter 3 night price in Wheel Room with your wedding in the Summer House
Dogs are charged at £5 per night.
Please note Registrar fees are not included in the price.

Dog Friendly Weddings


Contact Meg or Bob at Millbrook Estate on 01769 561900 or email
Provide us with a couple of preferred wedding dates to get married and check availability with Bob or Meg. Book related accommodation online to ensure this is reserved. Although you enter your card details on booking we do not take any money until you have confirmed with the Registrar. After booking a step by step guide is sent to you.Accommodation availability can be found here.
Once you have booked your accommodation, the next stage is to visit the Devon Registrars website to book them for your wedding. Visit Here (ensure you select Millbrook Estate and The Summer House). They will require a £50 none refundable deposit. After this, you will need to give notice at your local registration office. You need to do this at least 28 days before your wedding. We strongly advise that you do not make contact with the registrars before talking to Meg or Bob who can explain the process in more detail
Relax and look forward to your wedding at Millbrook. We are at the end of the phone in case you have any questions!

Dog Friendly Weddings

Looking for more guests?

Please have a look at our Tree Top Escape. 'The Nest' at TTE is an intimate space offering exclusive small private weddings for up to 14 guests, whilst the two-bedroom 'state of the art' Tree House offers a luxury break, welcoming up to 4 guests, including children and one doggy!

Dog Friendly Accommodation