Your Wedding, Your Way!

Updated 8th June 2022

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We cannot call ourselves bloggers or even a writer so we thought we would look at other wedding blogs for inspiration. Reading through informative and well worded blogs, the thing that stood out the most was how much everyone tells you what you have to do.

Why do you have to do something because that is what everyone else is doing? Why can’t you choose what you want? What you love?

Here at Millbrook we encourage our couples to think outside the traditional wedding square. A photo shoot at the beach before arriving at Millbrook for your ceremony to get the best of both worlds? Yes! A four pawed best man? Yes! A rockabilly theme with Elvis playing while you dance on the decking? Yes! Exchanging love letters instead of rings? Yes! Flower crowns and corsages instead of bouquets? Yes! A picnic by the lake instead of a wedding breakfast? Yes! Changing out of the wedding dress and playing football in the meadow as a family? Yes! Walking down the aisle together with baby strapped to your chest? Yes!

There are so many possibilities and we love hearing your ideas. At Millbrook we encourage you to choose for yourself. Runaway and Intimate weddings give you the freedom to choose traditional and non traditional elements to create your perfect day, your way!

We specialize in Runaway and Intimate weddings therefore we are quite biased but we would highly recommend you consider something less traditional and more personal before going down the route of the lavish big wedding

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Love, the Millbrook Team x

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