Why Elope Instead of a Big Wedding?

Published on 6th June 2022

Why Elope
Elopement is a term that can be easily misunderstood due to many outdated views. Where elopements were where the couple ran away in secret, or that family members did not approve… times are now changing. Large, expensive weddings are decreasing as many couples turn to elopement destination weddings! This could be just the 2 of them, or with their nearest and dearest to celebrate. Why is this change occurring?

Why Elope to Millbrook

Forget about the stress!

Elopements give the couple a lot more freedom to create their wedding their way. Large weddings can bring a lot of stress with many different aspects to the day. Following the Covid Pandemic, many couples have decided to elope to forget about the stress of keeping everyone else happy and remember what this special day is about. Less guests mean less family politics and less time timetables to keep track of, and more time to relax and enjoy.

Elope to Millbrook

Forget about traditions

Traditions play a big part in large weddings, whereas elopements invite couples to think outside the normal traditional wedding square and help create those unforgettable memories! Brides are now choosing to walk down the aisle with their 4 pawed best friend, or instead of exchanging rings, couples are getting ring tattoos, or how about changing the expected 3-course wedding breakfast to fish and chips on the beach. There is no right or wrong way for a wedding day.

Elopement Weddings

Forget about expense

It is no hidden secret that elopements are cheaper than a big wedding. Hitched is one of the UK’s biggest wedding planning platforms, which released an article in February 2022 stating ‘that the average wedding in the UK in 2021 cost £17,300’. Elopements at Millbrook start at as little as £799, with a mini-moon included to start their newly married life together.

Elopement are becoming the norm, as couples opt for a more romantic and intimate ceremony rather than the large lavish wedding; with more money to spend on a honeymoon or a new home together.

Did you know that couples that elope tend to have longer lasting marriages than those who spend, spend, spend on a big wedding.

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