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Published on 6th September 2018

Our Perfect Day

Our Engagement

We had just had the rescue pooch and were on the sofa watching the tv with Lilly sat between us. We had talked about getting married but nothing had gone forward really. So I’m sat on my iPad googling ‘dog friendly weddings’ and Millbrook popped up. And I went through it growing more and more in love with I said to Joe ‘don’t be scared but I’ve just found where we are going to get married’ showed him, he loved it as much as me and said ‘book it’ I called up spoke to Bob and booked it straight away. The engagement ring was bought in secret in St Ives and given to me whilst I was cleaning the bathroom as he couldn’t wait to give me the ring (even though the wedding was booked). We never do things straight forward!

Dog Friendly Weddings

Why Elope to Millbrook?

The reason we chose Millbrook initially is because we both love nature and it just was the perfect setting for us. Also, most importantly, the dog could be a major part of our day. Looking out across a lake and at the alpacas every morning was just amazing, it truly is idyllic and was everything I imagined after seeing it online. In fairness the pictures don’t do it justice. I suppose too that seeing the photos of other people’s weddings on the website really sealed the deal, because they portrayed exactly what we were after. The other thing that sold it to us was the help we received from the initial phone call, it instilled confidence that we had picked the right place.

Elopement Wedding

What are your most memorable about your special day?

When I reflect on our wedding day the only thing I regret is that we didn’t get a photo with our witnesses and that we didn’t just go to the pub in the village, other than that the whole day was perfection. I will always remember that you put out Christmas tree up because that was such a special moment not to forget. I loved that the fact that we just went for a walk in the morning and chilled out together and that we didn’t have any stress (although I hadn’t realised how much gin Joe had caned in fairness) Everyone who has seen our photos always comment on how gorgeous Millbrook is and we feel honoured that we got married there.

Elopement Wedding

We just wanted to unwind and Millbrook fitted the bill perfectly. It really is a fabulous place.

Thank you Rebecca Roundhill for your amazing photos.