We cancelled our big wedding for a Millbrook elopement

Updated on 8th June 2023

Weddings can often leave us feeling overwhelmed and helpless; making the term ‘Bridezilla’ not only a cult US reality TV programme, but a reality.

For the Millbrook team, we wanted to create elopement weddings to help engaged couples plan an intimate day.

Wedding Eloping

The average wedding can cost in excess of £20,000 and often causes a disagreement or two in the process. Should we invite our second cousins that we haven’t spoken to for ten years? What do we do with the two uncles that have recently had a massive disagreement? Where on earth do we start with the menu with so many different dietary requirements? That’s a lot of money, and a lot of stress, for what should be the best day of your lives!

We’ve caught up with Julia Hickman and Ryan Greenwood, who will be getting married at Millbrook in August, about why they cancelled their already lavish wedding and decided to choose an intimate wedding instead of a day that is vetoed by people who have nothing to do with the wedding planning process.

Wedding Couple
Julia said: “We had already booked a much bigger wedding where we had almost 100 guests. It was getting ridiculous financially and we were getting worried about pleasing all of our guests which led us to losing what a wedding day is all about. Us!”

“We made a big decision to cancel our original wedding and get away just the two of us and it has been the best decision. We are worry free and our wedding is all about us.”

In total there will be four people attending their summer wedding; including the bride, the groom and two of their closest friends. As a result, the loved up couple’s nerves have been transformed to pure excitement; there’s no more worrying about family drama - it’s completely focuses on our love for one another - the primary reason why they are trying the knot.

Intimate Wedding Toast

Additionally, here at Millbrook, we focus on making the wedding planning process as stress-free as possible so you can focus on the countdown with your beau. We provide a list of recommended suppliers, a range of accommodation options to enjoy both before and after your wedding and even a Hot Tub in the woods to help you relax before you say: “I do!”

Julia added: “They [Millbrook] were fabulous with providing a suppliers list and keeping in touch with information we needed to know… Anytime I have needed to contact Millbrook, they have been incredibly informative and useful. Just what you need.”

Some say that if a tree falls and no one is there, it doesn’t make a sound, but we disagree. An intimate wedding is the perfect solution for those that want a quiet celebration. No noise, no drama, just love.

Simply email us at weddings@millbrookestate.co.uk or give us a call on 01769 561900. We’re here and happy to help.