Top five tips for writing a speech for an intimate wedding

Published on July 17th 2017

Here at Millbrook, not only do we specialise in Runaway Weddings, but we’re also here to help you every step of the way - from viewing the Estate, to choosing your photographer, and just about everything else in between!

However, when it comes to the crux and you start to think about the finer details, you might feel uneasy or unsure how to approach necessary things like writing a speech.

We know that preparing one - even for a handful of people! - can be nerve wracking, but we’re here to help make it an experience that both you, and the wedding guests, will enjoy.

Therefore, we’ve curated our top five tips for writing a speech for an intimate wedding...


1. Create simple cue cards Intimate speeches work best when they come from the heart, but if you’re prone to getting nervous (even if there are only a small amount of guests) cue cards can be a real life saver! Don’t write your whole speech on them, simply write prompts to help you keep on track - you don’t want to spend the whole speech looking down.

2. Make eye contact … And moving swiftly onto the importance of eye contact. The benefit of giving a speech to only a few people is that you can make sure you maintain eye contact with your guests; you can’t do this with a room full of people. Eye contact gives everyone a sense of involvement, especially important if they’re a part of your speech!

Wedding Toast
3. Keep it short and simple We’ve all witnessed a speech that goes on… and on… and on… it’s no fun for anyone. We’d recommend trying to keep it under 10 minutes and focus on making guests laugh (or cry) with something they can all relate to and appreciate.

Top tip: conclude your speech in a way that refers back to your opening comment, it’ll make you sound like a pro!

4. Make it personal Remember: the bride and groom have chosen to host a small, intimate do so make sure your speech reflects this. Know who will be attending, and try to find something everyone can appreciate. Ditch the Google templates, and think about your best times with the newly wed couple and share them with the crowd. It’ll go down a treat - trust us.

5. Have fun! This should really be our first point, as giving a wedding speech (especially to such a small audience) should be fun! This isn’t an interview nor a work presentation; this is a chance for you to show your love and friendship to the couple. When you’re having fun, the audience will too. Change your tone of voice, and express your personality - trust us, when you’ve finished your toast, you’ll wish you could do it all over again.

Intimate Wedding Toast

We hope we’ve put your mind at rest when it comes to writing a speech but, if there’s anything else you’d like to chat about, do get in touch!

Simply email us at or give us a call on 01769 561900. We’re here and happy to help.