Top 10 tips when doing your own wedding makeup

Published on September 18th 2017

We’re proud to offer so many fantastic suppliers to couples deciding to elope at Millbrook, but we know that many brides decide to do their own makeup. That’s why we’ve decided to share our top 10 tips when doing your own wedding makeup.

Wedding Make Up


As your mum would always say when you’re only a small kid - practice makes perfect! You certainly don’t want to apply your wedding makeup for the first time on the day, regardless of how natural you want the final look to be. Don’t forget to wear a white t-shirt when you do trials just so you can see how the colours on the face will work with your wedding gown.

Millbrook tip: Always do your eyes before your base makeup to prevent product fallout ruining your foundation.

Don’t follow makeup trends

Makeup is like fashion, and trends come and go. However, the photos from your wedding day will be cherished forever, the last thing you want is to regret that blue smokey eye in years to come. Keep it classic, and use colours that compliment your skin type, not just the shades Kylie Jenner is spotted wearing on Instagram!


Think of your face as the canvas to the final look - and see facials as the recipe for beautifully radiant skin. We would always recommend getting a relaxing facial a few days previous to your wedding. Here at Millbrook, we have Cathy, who has been a beauty therapist for almost 15 years, who can create a bespoke facial for you with Dermalogica and Neal Yard products. Available for both 30 minutes and 60 minutes, you can book this to enjoy during your Millbrook stay before your wedding here.


Avoid SPF in makeup products

We’re sure you’re all shocked at this point, but bear with us. The zinc and titanium oxides found in makeup with SPF can cause a white cast on the face in flash photography, often known as flash back. Make sure any SPF when enjoying your Millbrook wedding is in your moisturiser and not your foundation to prevent this from happening!

Embrace waterproof mascara

Tears of happiness from laughing so hard to overwhelming sense of love and content - we bet your eyes are going to well up during your elopement wedding at Millbrook. The last thing you want is panda eyes, so ensure to wear waterproof mascara to prevent any smudging.

Invest in a setting spray

Often doing just as it says on the tin bottle. A good setting spray is often the trick in keeping your makeup from lasting all day long - a must have step when finishing your final look!

Millbrook tip: evaluate your skin type before choosing a setting spray - choose a mattifying one if you have an oily skin type, but an illuminating finish if you have dry skin.

Wedding Make Up

Keep away from a colourful, glossy lip

The problem with a glossy, colourful lip product is that it can transfer - the last thing you want is for your partner to have transferred lipstick on their lips after kissing the bride. If you want a glossy finish, we’d recommend adding only a clear lip gloss, or if you want a splash of colour to compliment your makeup look, we’d recommend a matte liquid lipstick that is transfer-proof.

Why stop at your face?

When applying your own wedding makeup, remember you don’t have to stop at your face. We’re not suggesting for you to contour your arms and legs (can you imagine?!), we’re talking more about adding a liquid highlighter to your collar bones, shoulders and arms for a healthy glow that ties the makeup together perfectly.

Allow yourself plenty of time to do your makeup

Sods law that in every trial you’ve managed to do your liquid eyeliner perfectly but on the day of your wedding it messes up and the last thing you want to feel is rushed! We recommend doubling the time you allowed yourself for makeup application for those ‘just in case’ scenarios. Plus, if you get it done in the planned time, it allows you enough time to have one more glass of champagne whilst getting ready in our cottages. It’s a win win scenario!

Bring blotting paper

Instead of reapplying powder throughout the day and making your makeup look thick and cakey, we’d recommend packing, or asking a friend to carry around, some blotting sheets for bathroom touch ups throughout the day. Blotting sheets are a must to absorb excess oil and create a shine-free finish without altering the makeup.

Wedding Perfect

We’d always say that if you’re confident in your makeup abilities then doing your own makeup can be a great way to not only save a few bucks, but also ensures it is exactly as you like it. It’s also a fantastic option if you’re having a laid back ceremony at Millbrook.

If you’re still unsure on where to start or don’t feel confident in doing your own makeup, don’t worry, check out the makeup artists on our suppliers page that we trust will always do a fantastic job!

Simply email us at or give us a call on 01769 561900. We’re here and happy to help.