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The perfect Millbrook wedding breakfast by CookingwithGazz

Updated 8th June 2022

Menu Tree Top Escape

Here at Millbrook, we’re happy to help organise anything you need at your wedding; from hair and makeup, to flowers, via photographers.

Another area we can offer local expertise, in is the catering industry, and we can suggest everything from wedding cake creators to private dining.

Gary Shapland, otherwise known as CookingwithGazz, has been cooking for more than 30 years and offering his unique dining experiences at Millbrook since August 2016.

He provides private dining experiences at both the Summer House and the Tree Top Escape - along with any other foodie requests!

Here, he details his perfect wedding breakfast, using dishes that have been popular among Millbrook’s happy couples...

Starter - Warm salad of scallops with smoked bacon and pea puree:

Scallops and Pea Puree

Gary’s secret : Make a pea puree with butter and seasoning, crisp up some smoked bacon and sear the scallops at the last minute… easy!

Gary says: “I think couples just love scallops and the look of the dish. Usually at least one out of two guests go for the scallops; it’s a very popular dish and always looks fab when plated up.”

Main - Five spiced duck with orange, ginger and star anise sauce:

Five spiced duck with orange, ginger and star anise sauce

Gary’s secret: Marinate the duck breast for up to 12 hours and create your sauce with duck bones and plenty of love!

Gary says: “I’ve created a range of mains - including 12-hour slow braised beef brisket and, recently, paella for a couple who had a Spanish background. “This dish is my most popular main course dish by far. A lot of couples comment on the flavour of the sauce, and it’s always well-received.”

Dessert - Warm chocolate and Cornish sea salt brownie, chocolate sauce and Devon clotted cream:

Gary’s secret: Served with Devon Clotted Cream - the best!

Gary says: “This brownie recipe includes the usual - chocolate pieces, cocoa, flour, eggs, butter and sugar - but also a few secret ingredients! “A lot of couples go for this dessert, and it’s perfect for chocolate fans; rich, warm and gooey.”

But that’s not all…


As part of his CookingwithGazz service, Gary explains that he always works closely with the bride and groom to help ensure they have the perfect menu for their special day.

He adds: “Another part of my service is having your ceremony decorated beautifully for the big day by my wife Marcia. This helps to make your day even more special and memorable.


“It’s basically all about what you, the happy couple, want, and I’m more than happy to create a menu and experience around your favourite foods and what you want your private dining experience to be.”

Simply email us at weddings@millbrookestate.co.uk or give us a call on 01769 561900. We’re here and happy to help.